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The Way

This album is ment to provide information and trigger thoughts about renewable energy and the beauty of rapeseed and wind turbines (power mills). It is about environment, hopes and dreams, about a changed lifestyle. This technology wont solve all problems, that goes with our needs of energy for production, transportation and warmth, it wont eradicate the ruthless lifestyle of some uneducated but it is a good step on the way to a better future in which mankind hopefully lives in harmony with nature.

Green trees and clean blue sky, beautiful rapefields for natural fertilizing and as base for biodiesel stretching out to the horizon, powermills for clean and renewable energy, they all are symbols for the lifestyle of those people, who strive to reduce consume and pollution and who realize, that we all are just temporary guests of this awesome planet.

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    Ermyas Mulugeta , Potsdam

    Ermyas Mulugeta lives in the german city of Potsdam. Potsdam is situated in the east of Germany, the former Democratic Republic of Germany, and famous for its beautiful historic buildings of which one is the Castle of Sancoussi.

    Ermyas is a scientist, working at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim, and he is busy becoming a doctor. He lives with his wife and his two little sons near the park of the Castle of Sancoussi and ... he is black.

    At easter sunday he is waiting at the tram stop. He is just calling his wife at the cellphone, when he gets assulted by two white men. They insult him, call him nigger and beat him with extreme brutality into a coma.

    Ermyas Mulugeta is still in coma. Eight days after the assult he is still fighting for his life. Parts of his skull had to be removed, parts of his brain are damaged.

    The german public is shocked, the politicians try to polish the image, too little was done to fight the upcoming new racism and xenophobia in Germany, especially in the economical very weak eastern regios of germany like Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt. Yet, the overwhelming majority of the Germans are not racists, but peaceful and tolerant and deeply ashamed about the young nazis. I am one of this Germans and I can only hope, that the world is aware, that the Germans condemn racism and hate crimes.

    At 21th of april, the friday after the assult, the city of Potsdam called for a rally against racism and xenophobia. The pictures in this album are taken on this rally on the Luisenplatz in Potsdam.

    My best wishes for Mr. Mulugetas recovery and for his and his families wellbeing come deep from my heart.

    Ermyas Mulugeta at work:,1020,612674,00.jpg

    For more information:,1518,411820,00.html,1518,411942,00.html

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