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My Critters

One of my cats and my dogs. Schnuffel, my first dog and Schanulleke, my last cat already became a different part of the Universe after a good and long life.

My awesome pal Nelson (a Dalmatian/Husky mix of almost 5 years old ) and his new sister Anna (a Galgo - spanish Greyhound - of probably just 4 years) share my life now (august 2012) and add love, friendship, fun and excitement to each of my days and I love them dearly.

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The Cat Schanulleke (R.I.P.)
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    Meet The Puppy

    After living almost 3 years without a doggy I finally have a new friend. Meet my new doggy:

    Born: October 22th, 2007
    Adopted: April 16th, 2008

    Gender: It's a boy!
    Mom: Dalmatian
    Dad: Husky
    Occupation: Running, eating, clowning, sleeping
    Description: To know him is to love him.

    He is the kind of dog that brings a smile on every persons face. Full of energy and stamina, sweet and devoted doggy who is eager to please you and learn but not without personality. Incredible curious and playful. A little bit bigger than planned and a real challenge for me. I love him dearly :D

    4 years later now and Nelson became what I call the (98% ;)) perfect dog. We both had a hard time in the beginning, he seemed to "have ADHD" and there were days where I was afraid that I wont be able to keep him because he was physically too strong and too hyper when outdoors. His 50+ pounds were never leash trained, he was used to move unrestricted in every direction in a big garden and as soon he came outside there was no way to get his attention and my joints and tendons became injured by his pulling and jumping around. Without having a big garden it was entirely on me to exercise him as much as he needed. Some people told me to give him away, he wouldn't be trainable or had a brain damage, but I knew he was trainable and fine and I had made a promise. Inside the house I had almost too much attention and I could easily teach him the most funny tricks in no time which indicated that he was just fine and only needed training and lots of exercise.

    Within a year of hard and painful but fun and utterly rewarding work with him, he developed to an awesome team player whom I can recall from chasing a cat or a rabbit and who follows all commands and whom I can stop even in midst running towards me after calling him to me, means he is very reactive and flexible

    Despite being so obeying he never lost his personality and spirit and the fact that he still tends to pull on the leash at the begin of our walks and that he (very rarely) has a momentary laps of hearing when he finds something edible at the beach makes him just more lovable .... in the end we all are just "human"

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    The Garbage Monster (R.I.P.)
    Sep 18, 2004

    There were times were i was kinda p...d when my dog emptied the garbage bag in my kitchen ...

    i never was really mad at him..u can't be!

    now he is 15 and when it happens again i just feel guilt that i forgot to empty the garbage in the evening cuz it could endanger his stomach and his health ...and i am glad that he is still so full of energy and so rouguish.

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    My Critters (R.I.P.)
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