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Christmas 2005

Making this cards I realized in how may languages and dialects we can say our xmas greetings. I copied every greeting one by one and it was like a journey around the world. In my fantasy I tried to hear the sound of every language, to smell and taste every typical xmas food of this culture, to discover a sparkle of happiness in the eyes of people from all over the world.

Some of them, who speak these languages are not so lucky as others. I think especially of people in Pakistan, in Iraq, Congo, Palestine, and Dafur. People who recently lost their home, relatives, their health.

Like so many else of you I think of those who recently died, in natural or manmade disasters, in wars, in prisons. I think of those in gulags and prisons, often stuffed in cells of 4 x 12 feet or even less, for years, those who are tortured and those who are "scheduled" for a thoroughly administrated death by the hand of fellow humans who assume they are entitled to play for god.

I think about the MEANING of xmas ... some optimists like me still think about it as Christmas!

The greetings are sorted alphabetically by language/dialect (not by country). So if you speak Afrikaans or Bengali you will find your greetings on the first card and if you speak Ukrainian or Welsh look at the last card. There is one exception to this rule, Arabic. I put the words Meelad Majeed next to my native language, german, Frohe Weihnachten.

It would make me great pleasure if everyone who sees these cards would look for languages he speaks or knows and would write the greeting, the country and the language in a comment. It would be great if you know and add a language or dialect that is not listed.

I wish all of you peaceful and joyful holidays. Have a good time, no matter if you celebrate them or not, be safe and healthy and have a good year 2006.

peace :)

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DSC04440fram one 3500
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